Street Culture

Third Culture Creative is proud to take part in one of the longest running art movements in history. Street Artist, public artists, and graffiti writers have beautified and shaped countless communities around the globe. Some of Third Culture Creatives most recent street art shows have displayed the aerosol art, wheat pastes, and stencils art of some of the most notorious artists in NYC. Check out some our most recent shows and be sure to follow us on social media for more up n' coming shows!

YesOne WTC apple

2016/2017 Co-Curation with WTC

Street to Tower

The theme of this project is “Streets to Towers: Life in NYC” — it showcases how people live and interact with the buildings/ city around them.

Artists included: Ron English, HekTad, B.D. White, Savior Elmundo, Iconic and 2Cents, Buttsup, Gil Goren, YesOne, BoogieRez, Sines, JCNYC, Ben Angotti, Dizmology, Brolga, Solus, Billi Kid, Chillguins, Kimyon333.

NMBT picture
NMBT pic
NMBT event

Co - Curated art project 2016/2017


No More Black Targets is a collective of artists, diverse in backgrounds, ethnicities and nationalities, working in paint, digital media, patternmaking and also physical installations to bring new artwork to life. The collective stand for “More paint. Less hate.”

Featured Artists include: JCBKNYC , BilliKid, ConsumerArt, Brolga, FKDL, Iconic & 2Cents, Sines, B.D. White, Gil Goren, ButtSup, Greg Frederick, ZroPro, sacsix, Dertism, Sr. Lasso, Tats Cru, Steven Cogle, D Razo, Solus

Art Street 13 Windows 1 Wall

Co - Curation with NYU Kimmel Gallery 2016

Art Street

ART STREET 13 WINDOWS 1 WALL stages a visual conversation by creating a dialogue between a selection of world-renowned artists recognized as major influencers of the street art movement. Curators Pamela Jean Tinnen, Izzy Church, and Mar Kayle challenged the artists to create new work for the exhibition at the Kimmel Vitrines, located along Laguardia and West 3rd Street. June through September.

Working with legendary graffiti and street artists including:

John Fekner, Ron English, ASVP, Lady Pink, Jonathan "Meres One" Cohen- cvs, tom, Fumeroism, Raquel Echanique,  Art is Trash - Francisco de Pajaro, B.D. White, Cope2, Indie 184, Skewville,Martian Code, Joe Iurato, Iconic, Nick Walker, Elle, Savior Elmundo, COST, Gilf, Iena Cruz, FKDL Franck Duval,  Andre Trenier, Byron McCray, Cosbe, Net,  Jenna Morello, Avisualbliss, Billi Kid, Buttsup, Cern ( Cernesto. Cern-One. Cern Wonder), CarlosPinto, Consumerart, Harif Guzman a.k.a Haculla, Jenna Morello, Eelco van den berg aka I am Eelco, Hektad, JCorp, John Brenier, Paul Richard, Pesu, Sacsix, Skewville, The Super Sucklord, Fishwithbraids,  ZROPR, DRU Blumensheid, Cosbe, Reme821, Gazoo, Balu, Sharp, Marthalicia Matarrita, Robert Plater (TMO Plater), Net, Phetus88, Derti the Ripper aka DTR, Rich Simmons, Free Humanity, Sticker Social Club

Art is Power Music is Power

Art and Music event Benefiting Ronald McDonald House

Art is Power Music is Power 2015

A four part event series (AiPMiP) to support Artists and Musicians and drive charitable contributions to Ronald McDonald House New York.  AiPMiP showcases new emerging talent and projects like "Eve Returns", "StreetSmart" and "Suffer Club".