A bi-coastal, two-part workshop: Biomechanics & Anatomy of Building a Personal Brand

3rd Culture Creative believes for the creative mind to grow the actor must foster the inner actor, writer and always be focused on self-improvement. Therefore, we are kicking off our developing multiple talents series with a PAY-WHAT-YOU-LIKE workshop on Monday, August 7, 2017 from 5-8 PM in association with Make A Scene LA and The Art of Creative Living.  To register for the class and to receive detailed instructions email:

Instructor states: “Part 1: Express yourself through Biomechanics. Work on developing balance, strength, coordination, agility, flexibility, and movement resulting in a better connection with the performance space and your scene partner.

“Part 2: Express your creative vision through your body by stripping away the baggage to re-experience yourself as an uncluttered and free being. In ‘Anatomy of Building a Personal Brand’ you will learn a holistic approach to the actor’s life. By strengthening your creative core you’ll learn to  make your words and actions become one in order to create authentic content.

“In this extraordinary workshop you will experience the tools needed to develop performance methods in both theatre and film.

“The L.A. workshop is tentatively set for the last week in August and will be in conjunction with Make A Scene LA; and a second workshop is tentatively set for the first week of September and will be in conjunction with For Actors by Actors.”


What People Are Saying: Read the Reviews

Izzy – I really like how you broke down the branding vs. creative identity. It helps me re-evaluate the parts I may have been neglecting. I took a lot of notes, so I definitly got a lot out of it 🙂

Anna-Maria – I really liked the warm-up exercise where we imagined the little ball of energy flowing through us & the music that went with it. I’m really glad I can balance a stick on my finger now too. That’ll be a great exercise & cool party trick.