Demo Production

Demo Production

Just starting out in the entertainment business can be tough. 3rd Culture Creative aims to support actors just starting out in the business and already established actors alike. We know the stakes are high! Every talent agent and casting director in the business wants to see your reel before they will even consider representing you. You want to blow them away with your preparedness, but how? The acting reel you've been putting together for the last six months is still not complete because you're waiting for footage from a film project that doesn't showcase your talent. There's no use sitting around moaning about it. Let us help you create a dynamic reel that will help you get your foot in the door.

We create high-quality acting reels at an affordable price to help you realize your dream. Set up a consultation today and together, we will select the right content that fits your type or create an original scene or monologue that fits the character you'd like to play. We approach content creation through understanding your target audience.

Acting Demo Reel Rates 

Scene or Monologue Production

45-90 seconds in length SCENE or MONOLOGUE

CHOOSE: Scripts, Locations, Shoot Date

Cast your Scene Partner(s) or let us help you cast the project

High Definition Picture & Sound

Full Editing Services included: Logging, Sync Sound, Editing
MASTERING: Color Correction, Audio & Dialogue Cleaning, Music Arrangment

All Final Scenes are delivered digitally in High Definition (HD) & Standard Definition (SD) via
Highlight Reel included when 2 or more scenes are produced
All Scenes delivered 7-10 business days after Client performance Takes are confirmed

Essential Package: 2.5- hour shoot time
2 Monologues or 1 scene - $595

Premium Package: 3.5- hour shoot Time
2 Scenes or 2 Monologues & 1 scene- $995

Gold Package
3 Scenes and 1 original 30 second Monologue- $1,500

Additional Services

Writing: Scene/Monologue/Rewrite

Editing: Edit or Re-Edit reel

Call or email for a Consultation Today!

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