Feature Film

Letters to Ganesha

Tagline: When Man and Elephant Come Together - No obstacle is too great! (And, if you don't believe me - just ask Ganesha.)

Tagline: A Man in love is like a Puppet on a String.

Letters to Ganesha is a romantic comedy indie-crossover film about Richie, a well-known American author struggling to overcome his writer's block and his long-time girlfriend, Katie who secretly pines for Richie to pop the big question. Katie seeks the advice of her yoga instructor and spiritual advisor, Askoka-Krsna, who guides Katie to travel to India during the Ganesha Festival and to lodge at the Lotus Ashram, where he once lived as a young boy. Katie follows the advice of her instructor and the lovebirds embark on an awesome adventure. However, the couple's trip is cut short when Richie has an unexpected visit from the elephant God.  The transcendental experience leads to the couple's sudden departure from India. Back in America - Richie finally pops the question, but his ridiculous proposal sends his would-be bride running and Richie is left spiraling out of control.

This light-hearted romance is a perfect balance between melancholy love and laugh-out-loud comedy.

Feature Film

Angry Movie Guy

In order to achieve fame and success an off-beat film reviewer named Charlie Zimmerman chooses to become a sensational, verbally incontinent film critic known as the "Angry Movie Guy."  Charlie is forced to re-examine his personal life and career when his biting review and explosive T.V. fit threatens to destroy the career of a fiery independent filmmaker named Alexa. Angry Movie Guy is anything but the usual rom-com.

Based on the book: Angry Movie Guy


Eve Returns

When EVE was banished from the Garden of Eden a war broke out in the underworld between the Lords of the East and the Lords of the West. The dark forces that rule the underworld set off a deadly poison that has been seeping through the crevices of the garden walls and killing the Tree of Life. The world’s only hope  for survival is that the prophecy will be realized: Eve must fulfill her destiny and return to the Garden of Eden to stop the poison and read the seed glyphs, which have appeared over the dying Tree of Life.


Show Offs

Tagline: It’s not showing off if you can BRING IT!

ShowOffs, is an hour-long, action, Sci-Fi-Dramedy about the former prom queen, turned genetic scientist who’s fighting to save her research laboratory from being shut down by the executive board. The board gives Amanda an ultimatum: bring them new test subjects or the program will be shut down indefinitely. Unbeknownst to the board, Amanda has successfully unlocked superhuman powers in several of her test subjects: Sebastian, Cody, Priscilla, and Gabriella. All of which, must use their superpowers to help save the research program by hijacking Amanda's ten-year high school reunion and kidnapping new participants for the research program.

Theme: Superheroes, good versus evil, Genetic coding, fantasy, overcoming adversity, magic, magicians, sorcery and love is the worthiest of pursuits.

Animated Television

Suffer Club

When a futuristic gang of bikers go through a time warp and end up in St. Kircher's Crossing, the locals begin to panic over their stories of a dark and desolate future. In an attempt to calm the locals, and rid the planet of all evil, three innocent girls and one angry lion are kidnapped from the local theme park by a non-govermental organization and turned into superheroes.

Animated Television

Deputy Dan and His Horn Dogs

Everyone's hero Deputy Dan travels from town to town cleaning up the streets with his team of horn dogs.